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What is a 2-shot Plastic Injection and What are its Advantages?

What do you need to know about a 2-shot plastic injection? 1, The entire process has two phases. 2, There are several concerns to be taken into consideration. 3, A rotary molding and movable core are two variations in the process.

Injection Mold in China: Important Parts That You Need to Know

What are the essential part of an injection molding machine? Hopper – plastic pellets are being fed through the hopper. Barrel – the barrel heats the pallet to liquefy them. Reciprocating Screw – this part is in charge of making the liquefied plastic more fit for molding.

Defects Cause Analysis of BMC products

​It is due to the presence of gas when the BMC substrate is pressurized, which leads to protrusions on the surface of the product.

What is sheet molding compound (SMC)

Although the chemical properties of sheet molding compound (SMC) are similar to those of bulk molding compound (BMC), the manufacturing process is quite different. SMC is made into a sheet shape, so it is easier to be used in various fields, and its mechanical strength is much more prominent than its thermoset family counterparts. SMC usually contains 10-65% fiber-reinforced material, which is composed of strips of chopped glass fibers ranging in length from 1/2 to 2 inches (or 12.7 to 50.8 mm).

BMC (DMC) products to breaking crack correct technique

The possible causes and corrective measures of the cracks of BMC (DMC) products penetrating the part matrix: